Floral Fantasy Weddings

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What is the first thing I need to do?
Call to see if we have your wedding date available. If we are open for your day, we will place a hold on it for you.

Do I need to come into the shop for an appointment?
That is not necessary, but we would love to meet you in person. Most of our couples’ do not get the chance to visit our shop. Everything can be done via the phone and/or email.

How do I get started?
Make a list of all the flowers & decorations that you would like to have for your wedding day. We have a list available to help guide you, just give us a call.

What do I do when I have my list?
Set aside time to go through our web site. There are many pictures to choose from. The pictures are numbered and named. Take notes of the items you like.

The next step is a phone appointment.
You will need to set aside a little time for this also. We can do this during the day or evening. Whichever is best for you. We will need to set up a date, time and number to go over the details and any questions that you may have.

What if I have a picture of something that I would like and don’t see it on Floral Fantasy’s web site?
You would need to get a copy of the picture to us and we will see if it is possible to recreate it for you.

Never hesitate to ask! I am here to help. Any and every question is important! All questions need answers.

I also welcome new ideas! So let’s be creative together.

I will do my best to answer any an all. It is important to me that you are comfortable with everything and for you to know that we, the professionals are taking care of it for you.